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Oct 20, I want to consult Sai upasak Guruji for my horoscope reading,. please let me Real Sai upasak guruji is a famous astrologer in Bangalore.
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I felt that is real blessing from God. I met Guruji then. Looking at us, he said what is going on in our life, what happened in our life, even told what is going to happen in our life.

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To our astonishment Astrologer Sai Upasak Guruji told the going private cold war between us and relatives. He just said everything incident in our mind like reading a book.

Guruji console us and filled our mind with positivity. He make us to gain confidence to surpass the pain of sorrows.

From day 1, every thing happened as just told by Astrologer Sai Upasak Guruji As said by him, we followed his remedies with sincere devotion. And now we came out of our problem completely.


Astrologer Sai Upasak Guruji really showed a miracle to us, solved our troubles, presented peace of mind to us. We owe him through out our life for this.

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Sai upasak guruji famous kuchipudi dancer address? I Believe in Ayurveda science. It is an age-old proven technique to treat disease. How to get medicines for him?

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  3. Sri Sai Upasak Famous Astrologer in Bangalore?

Will they send instructions? I think I have given you clear information about your doubt if anything more information you want, then please let me know.

Remember Me. Login Register Ask a question Articles. I want to consult Sai upasak Guruji for my horoscope reading, please let me know anybody about him, and phone number, please help me it is very urgent.

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When I search on the internet am finding many similar sai upasak guruji names. Who is real sai upasak guruji astrologer? Please help me?